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Walking Sticks

It has taken 5 years and a lot of experimentation to come up with the design of our walking sticks
We make our stick of fine hardwoods
During the development we have found out that some wood are to soft and break to easily so after a lot of mistakes we know that are stick are strong
We make a spiral design that is hand cut filed and sanded and seeing that I have to use one every day I can say that they are very useful not only to keep your balance but help in standing up also good for tripping the kids
One of the most asked questions is it made on a lathe and the answer is no you cant turn a spiral on a lathe
I hand pick each piece of wood to make sure its knot free and as straight grained as possible I start out with a piece of wood 1 x 1 x 48” then I carve out the ruff spiral
Then ruff out the handle then the work begins rounding and shaping the stick then sanding it usually takes about 250 hours to complete a walking stick
Once a stick is ready it gets between 2-4 coat of lacquer
In 5 years I have made 20 + sticks and all have been given to someone in need
When I finish a stick for sell it is a one of a kind piece that took me about 300 hours of work
And they always get a lot of attention
If you happen to buy one know that its made from the heart
And the price my seem high but I make less than one dollar per hour but it keeps my hands and mind busy

Erics custom Knives walking stickErics custom Knives walking stick